Personal Injury Settlement Outcomes


 Multi Vehicle Collision – Degloving Injury $350,000 

Client was driving home when she was hit from behind putting her vehicle into a spin causing her to hit another vehicle. Client was pinned with her hand between the steering wheel and door. She sustained serious injuries and suffered wage loss. Attorney Grove obtained a settlement for $250,000 (policy limits) from the at fault insurer and $100,000 in underinsured benefits. 

Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian – Spinal Fusion $150,000 

Client suffered serious injuries when she was struck while crossing a street. Instead of stepping on the brake, the driver stepped on the accelerator and hit another vehicle. Client flew into the air and landed on the hood of a parked car. Client underwent a fusion to her spine causing permanent limitation to her lumbar range of motion. The insurance company offered our client $5,000 to settle her case. Client hired Attorney Christopher Grove who was able to recover $150,000 to settle her claim. 

Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian – TBI and Rotator Cuff Tear $100,000 

Client was injured when she was struck by an motor vehicle whose driver was backing out of a parking stall in front of a coffee shop.  The other driver was using her cell phone. Client was hit on her left side and fell backward, hitting her head and the right side of her body. Client suffered a scalp contusion, post-traumatic headaches, right shoulder pain, a right elbow contusion and bilateral hip and neck pain. Client sustained a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) with resulting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and had to have her rotator cuff surgically repaired. Attorney Grove litigated this matter and it settled at mediation for $100,000. 

Motor Vehicle Collision – Closed Arm Fracture $80,000 

Client was struck when another motor vehicle pulled out in front of him. When the other driver exited his vehicle, he told our client “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” The other driver was charged with failure to yield right-of-way. Client’s treating physician opined that in the future he has a significant risk of post traumatic osteoarthritis in his elbow.  Attorney Grove was able to obtain $80,000 in settlement of client’s injuries. 

 Rear End Collision – TBI $46,500 

Client was stopped for heavy rush hour traffic when she was rear-ended by a semi-truck traveling approximately 60 miles per hour.  The collision pushed her into the vehicle in front of her.  The driver of the semi-truck received a citation for Duty to Drive with Due Care. Client had a long recovery, suffered wage loss, and continues to suffer from regular headaches and memory issues.  This case settled for $46,500. 

Hit and Run – Rotator Cuff $40,000 

Client was struck by a hit and run vehicle while he was getting into his parked car.  Client had to have surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff tendon.  Despite a complicated medical history including prior shoulder injuries, The Grove Law Firm was able to obtain a favorable settlement at mediation prior to trial. 

Bike vs. Motor Vehicle – Contusions $37,000 

Client suffered injuries while riding her bicycle when a truck failed to come to a complete stop and turned directly in front of her. The client ended up under the truck and the truck’s left front tire travelled across her abdomen and upper legs. Client made a remarkable recovery, and we obtained a settlement of $37,000.  

T-Bone Collision – Abdomen Hematoma/Back Pain $28,500 

Client is a nurse and was on her way home from work when she was t-boned by another driving attempting to make a left turn on a divided highway.  The other driver stated that his foot slipped, and he hit the gas pedal sending his vehicle into the northbound lane of traffic causing the broadside collision. The other driver received many citations for his driving conduct. Client suffered wage loss but made a good recovery.  Attorney Grove settled the case for $28,500.  

Head-on-Collision - Back Injury $15,000 

Client was driving slowly around a curve in her lane of traffic when another vehicle came speeding around the curve and collided with her head-on. Client had no time to react to the collision and upon impact her body was tossed inside her vehicle, her head was hyper flexed and then hyperextended, and her back was forcefully pressed against the back of the seat. Client’s doctor opined that the injuries she sustained in this collision aggravated a previous back fusion. Our firm negotiated a settlement of $15,000. 

Car/Pedestrian - Neck and Back Injury $600,000 

Client was struck in a cross walk by a vehicle.  Client suffered several injuries that required surgery to the neck and back.  When the insurance company refused to offer a reasonable settlement we placed the claim into suit, hired experts and went to court.  On the day of trial the insurance company finally made an offer that provided our client with fair compensation. 

Automobile - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) $70,000 

Client was a passenger in an automobile that collided with another vehicle. Client suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. Prior to trial, the parties stipulated to a settlement of $70,000.00. 

Automobile - Broken Ribs $105,000 

Client was on her way to visit her brother when she was t-boned by a vehicle that went through a stop sign at 50 mph. Client was transported by ambulance with three broken ribs and multiple contusions. The Grove Law Firm was able to recover $105,000 in settlement of her claims. 

Automobile Head-on-Crash $200,000 

Client was injured when another driver crossed into her lane of traffic and struck her vehicle head-on. The force of the collision was severe and the client had to be extricated from her vehicle.  She was air-lifted to a trauma hospital. Client suffered a multitude of injuries including a traumatic brain injury, a severely broken leg, broken arm and broken back.  The case was settled for the policy limits of $100,000.00 from the at-fault insurance company, and policy limits of $100,000.00 from the underinsured motorist insurance company. 

Automobile – Semi Tractor Crash $17,500 

Client was traveling on the highway merging into heavy slow traffic when he was rear-ended by a semi-tractor that was traveling too fast for the road conditions. The force of the impact literally crushed the client’s vehicle and the jaws of life were used to extract him. He suffered a scalp laceration but made a good recovery.  The Grove Law Firm was able to settle his case for $17,500.00. 

Automobile Loss of Control - Leg Injury $75,000 

During her sophomore year in college in Missouri, Client was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control and traveled off the roadway and struck a fence. The vehicle overturned and she briefly lost consciousness and injured her leg. Client eventually made a great recovery from her injuries and The Grove Law Firm successfully negotiated a settlement in the amount of $75,000.00.    

Auto-Pick up Truck Rear End Collision - Rotator Cuff Injury $90,000 

Client was on her way home from work to celebrate Christmas with her family. When she was only one mile from home her vehicle was rammed from behind by a truck, which caused her driver’s seat to break. Without the support of the seat her body bore the brunt of the impact and she suffered a rotator cuff injury.  The case settled prior to trial for $90,000.00. 

Automobile Accident Merging traffic $17,410 

Client was on her way to Rainbow Foods to apply for a job.  As she slowed down to merge the driver of the vehicle behind her accelerated and rear-ended her vehicle, causing her to spin out of control and roll over into the ditch. Client was thrown forward from the impact of the collision and experienced immediate pain in her neck. She was diagnosed with a cervical strain, but made a good recovery.  We were able to negotiate a settlement of $17,410. 

Automobile - Whiplash $25,000 

Client was driving home from her job.  Traffic was heavy and as she slowed down, she was rear-ended by a much larger SUV. Client was diagnosed with whiplash and soft tissue injuries to her neck, upper back and lower cervical spine.  The Grove Law Firm was able to recover $25,000 in settlement of the claim. 

ATV Roll-over $25,000 

Client was a passenger on an ATV when the driver took a hard turn and rolled the vehicle. Client was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries to his right arm.  The Grove Law Firm was able to obtain $25,000.00 in settlement of the claim. 

Automobile - Soft Tissue Injuries $25,500 

Client was in the process of making a left turn when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. The force of the collision caused the client’s vehicle to violently spin around. The other driver told police that by the time she realized the light was red, she had already entered the intersection. Client and his passenger suffered soft-tissue injuries and gradually reached pre-accident status several months later. The Grove Law Firm negotiated a payment of $25,500.00 to settle both claims. 

Automobile - Soft Tissue Injuries $71,750 

Parents and their infant son were traveling to Illinois to visit relatives.  The mother, who was driving, noticed a vehicle swerve into her lane of traffic.  There was a guardrail to her right, so in an attempt to avoid a collision, she hit the brakes and honked her horn, however, the other vehicle never slowed down and they were struck head-on by a pickup truck.  Luckily, they were all wearing their seat belts. Following the accident, father suffered a stiff back, headaches and abdominal pain and required a series of physical therapy and massage treatments.  Mother complained of neck and spinal pain, headaches, and pain in her knuckle and knee and required a series of physical therapy and massage therapy treatments. Fortunately the infant was in his car-seat and had no physical injuries. This case settled for a total of $71,750.00. 

Automobile - Spinal Injury $150,000 

Client was traveling on the highway to work. There was road construction in the area and the right lane was slowing for traffic when she was struck by another vehicle caused her to spin into the right ditch and roll over.  Client suffered severe injuries to her spine which required surgery.  Despite the insurance companies initial denial of liability The Grove Law Firm was ultimately successful in obtaining the total policy limits of $150,000 and a total waiver of the health care providers subrogation claim. 

Car Crash - Foot Injury $150,000 

Client was traveling approximately 35-40 mph because of heavy traffic and snowy conditions.  A minivan, traveling in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed, veered out of control and slid crosswise into the oncoming lane of traffic. The minivan collided head-on with client’s vehicle and she suffered a chest wall contusion (from the seat belt), burns to the left wrist and right fingers (from the airbag), and an ankle injury. This case settled with the liability carrier for the policy limits of $100,000.00. We were able to negotiate an additional $50,000.00 in a claim for underinsured motorist benefits. 

Car Crash - Headaches and Back Spasms $15,000

Client was in slow moving traffic that eventually came to a stop. However, the vehicle behind did not maintain a proper look-out and rear-ended a vehicle, causing it to collide with the client’s vehicle.  The force of the collision caused our client to sustain whiplash. The driver of the at-fault vehicle was issued a citation for following too closely. Client suffered from chronic headaches and back spasms and her case settled at mediation for $15,000.00. 

Motorcycle Accident - Leg Injury $200,000 

Client, a retired gentleman, was injured when he was struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. The Grove Law Firm successfully negotiated a settlement of $200,000 and substantial discounts of subrogation claims with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. 

Passenger Traumatic Brain Injury $150,000 

Client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his father when it collided with another vehicle at intersection.  Client suffered a traumatic brain injury which caused dementia, short-term memory loss and a mood disorder.  Client’s medical bills were in excess of $1,200,000.00. As a result of his injuries he was rendered permanently disabled. The case was settled for the policy limits of $150,000.00 a a special needs trust was established for his benefit. 

Police Chase - Ankle Injury $50,000 

Client was on his way to his brother’s home to pick up his son when he was violently rear-ended by a stolen vehicle being chased by the police.  The impact caused a fractured ankle which required surgical repair.  The Grove Law Firm was able to collect $50,000.00 in payment of the claim. 

Rear End Crash - Neck and Back Pain $25,000 

Client was on his way home from work.  He was stopped at an intersection waiting to make a turn when his vehicle was rear-ended. One day after the collision he awoke with severe pain in his neck and low back, which eventually radiated down each side of his spine. Client was diagnosed with a cervical, thoracic and lumbar strain and underwent extensive physical therapy. We settled the liability claim for $17,500.00, and were able to secure an additional $7,500.00 in lost wages from the client’s insurance carrier. 

School Bus Accident $73,000 

Client, a school bus driver, had just dropped off his last students and was proceeding through an intersection on a green light when a gravel truck went through a red light and collided with his school bus on the front driver’s side.  The force of the collision caused the school bus to spin 90 degrees and hit another vehicle in the intersection. The full size school bus was deemed a total loss. The other driver was cited for failure to drive with due care. The force the collision caused a brain hemorrhage, scalp and hand lacerations, knee injury and fractured ribs.  Despite his serious injuries the client made a remarkable recovery and is back driving a school bus.  The Grove Law Firm was successful in negotiating a payment of $73,000.00 and a substantial discount of the workers’ compensation subrogation claims. 


Dog Bite - Calf $25,000

A pit-bull ran out into the street and bit our client in the calf.  Client required stiches and suffered loss of sensation in an area surrounding the bite.  The Grove Law Firm was able to recover $25,000.00 in settlement of our client’s dog bite injury. 

Dog Bite - Arm $27,000 

Client noticed her neighbors sitting on their front step and decided to bring them cupcakes she had just baked. As she reached their yard dog run toward her and bit her on the forearm causing a puncture wound.  We obtained a settlement of $27,000.00. 

Dog Bite - Face $332,137 

Client, a minor girl, was at a relative’s home petting their Golden Retriever when it suddenly bit her on the cheek and head. Client’s injuries were severe and her wounds had to be surgically repaired.  Her facial scars are unlikely to significantly improve with the passage of time and, in fact, will become more visible as she matures to adulthood. We were able to negotiate a structured settlement that provides her $332,137. 

Dog Bite - Face $56,270